When your family situation is changing and you need legal representation in your best interest, come see our family. Howell & Kidd Attorneys is a brother-sister team with a focus on family law.

Personalized service and experience you can count on
With a combined 40 years of experience in divorce and family law, and a small law firm atmosphere, you will enjoy a unique amount of attention from your lawyer. We provide regular communication about your case, whether you are getting a divorce or need help with custody and child support issues.

Mediation – Simpler and more affordable
You can stay out of court and get your divorce finalized more affordably with mediation services. We will help you come up with compromises that will be better for you and the children, so everyone can communicate better in future matters. Studies show mediated agreements last longer than litigated court orders.

Helping you through family transitions

Child custody and visitation
Child support
Property division
Prenuptial agreements
Legal separations
Stepparent adoptions

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