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Adoption is a complicated area of law in which biological parents’ rights are terminated so that the child can legally become a part of a new family. It occurs in a number of different scenarios, such as when biological parents make the selfless decision that they can no longer care for a child, whether it be an infant or an older child.

During my practice, I have handled numerous adoptions, including for same-sex couples. I proudly handled these adoptions long prior to the legalization of same-sex marriage. I believe that families come in all different shapes and that fundamentally, all a child needs is love. We are very LGBT friendly.

I would welcome the opportunity to discuss growing your family.


This is an adoption wherein a state-licensed agency matches the adoptive parents with the birth parents.


This is an adoption wherein the adoptive parents and the birth parents find one another through any source other than an adoption agency.


This is the legal adoption of a child by a biological relative and often follows the cabinet for health and family services removing a child from his or her biological parents and placing them with relatives for custody. Custody often then leads to permanency or adoption.


This is the legal process by which a person over the age of 18 is adopted. This is the easiest type of adoption, as the biological parents do not need to consent and no guardian ad litem attorney is required. The adoptive parents or parent and the adoptive adult child simply file an agreement and obtain a hearing date in court.


These are adoptions where the placing and receiving parents reside in the same state.


These are adoptions where the placing and receiving parents reside in different states.


This is an adoption where the step-parent adopts the child of his or her spouse. The biological parent or parents must either give up his or her rights voluntarily or have them involuntarily terminated for the step-parent to assume this person’s role as a parent.

If you are considering adoption, please contact me and I would be happy to discuss the process with you and your family.


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