Don’t Let her Sweet innocent look and gentle temperament Fool you. She’s A Beast!
Courtney knows the law, and she really knows “Family Law”! I went into my divorce very scared and blind. Thinking that a male had no chance in the court system! SHE PROVED ME WRONG! As a male, I was totally amazed how she handled everything. She fixed it that I would come out of the relationship WAY better off than I imagined. She works for you! She knows people! The Opposing Attorney probably will not have a chance. I strongly Recommend Courtney ! I thank God for putting her in my path!


“Courtney is a phenomenal lawyer! She really shows compassion towards her clients. After I was denied to see my children I came across her name and went to speak with her. Since all that happened she has went above and beyond to help me get my kids back. She is super easy to talk to as well! I had consulted a few lawyers before her and she was the only one who I could tell was actually listening to me instead of seeing me as dollar signs. One of my favorite things about her is she is easy to get a hold of, this is a major problem I had before. Highly recommended!”  BRITT BRASHEAR -GOOGLE REVIEW

“Courtney drew up an agreement for me. I was in a rush and she saw me very shortly after a quick phone consultation. She was compassionate and professional. She told me what my options were and gave good advice. Courtney was always responsive and helpful when I had questions or concerns. I will continue to trust her with my business, and I will wholeheartedly recommend her to others.” SARAH NICHOLS – GOOGLE REVIEW

“Courtney did my divorce for me, and was awesome! She is very professional and made everything go great. She was so quick to answer my many emails I sent her with any questions I may have had. She also came in after officer hours to meet me a couple times due to my work schedule. She is quick to get things done and great at her job! I would recommend  her to anyone needing a good attorney , and one that doesn’t just focus on taking your money like some may do.” SHANNAH WITAKER – GOOGLE REVIEW

“I met with Courtney Howell-Kidd regarding a custody issue.  She was professional and gave me extremely helpful (and money saving) information.  From the moment I arrived at her office, she was friendly and made me feel comfortable.  The most important thing to me is that she is honest and trustworthy.  I would not hesitate to recommend her as an attorney.”  GAIL BOWLES – GOOGLE REVIEW

“I used them over 5 yrs ago. Courtney handled my divorce and was amazing. I still call them with question about paperwork and I always get a same day response. My most recent was for a child support order. I had it less than 2 hrs after I sent her an email. “BRANDON DUBY – GOOGLE REVIEW

“I came to Mr. Howell via my mother June 2013, on a life changing immigration case that displaced my life for a year and a half. Mr. Howell learned I came to the USA October 23th 1976 and was NEVER documented as a child, until March of 2013. I was fired from my new job, leaving my newly college graduate child taking care of me. I’m devastated but I’m calm, I guess because Mr. Howell was a calming force that entered my life and told me everything will be okay. Long story Short, I’m now a Permanent Resident, a college student, Rehired by the same hospital that fired me, just celebrated 1 year, and I went home my birth country London England just this past February. I’m so blessed and I know Mr. Howell is partly responsible for that. God Blessed me with a great attorney who changed my life forever!! 37 years of NOT knowing, thank you for believing in me!! I love you and if I can do anything I’ll be there always!!” MARIA

“I was referred to Howell and Kidd Attorneys by a friend. I was under emotional distress of preparing to deal with family court and didn’t know where to begin. I have worked mostly with Courtney, who quickly responded to my questions, gave me expert legal advice, and most importantly helped provide me with support, confidence, and courage to go through the legal matters at hand. She is incredibly fair with her prices and has always treated me with respect. I highly recommend Howell and Kidd to anyone that is looking for an attorney, as this has been the best referral anyone has given to me.” MARY – GOOGLE REVIEW

“I was already working with a divorce attorney who wouldn’t answer my questions or return my phone calls when a friend recommended Courtney. Everything my friend raved about was true- Courtney listened, answered all of my questions, thoroughly, explained my options and made me feel as comfortable as possible during the extremely stressful divorce process. It has been almost 2 years since my divorce was final and Courtney is still there for me answering any questions or concerns. I would recommend her to any of my friends and family.” ALISON – YELLOW PAGES REVIEW

“I have had the pleasure of not only doing work for Howell & Kidd on a business level but I am also a client. Their office is very easygoing and has a laid back atmosphere. Courtney Howell has a way of making a person feel very relaxed and even though I had a lot of questions and felt my situation was complicated, she managed to talk me down and I left my first visit feeling like everything was going to work out. It also has been great that she is willing to meet with me on the weekends.” STEVE – GOOGLE REVIEW

“I really enjoyed the care and service I was given. Before coming to Howell and Kidd I was given the run around by a previous lawyer and my divorce seemed to drag along and a very unproductive and costly pace. Once I retained Howell and Kidd to represent me in my divorce things moved at a very productive pace! The staff was not only fast but very efficient and prices were fair and there was progress the very next day. It was a huge weight lifted knowing that my concerns were heard and addressed.
There is nothing that I would change about my experience with this firm except for the fact that I wish I would have called them sooner. I highly recommend them.” SAUNDRA. N – SITE SURVEY SUBMISSION

“I like the fact that after contacting Courtney she was always just an email away. She is very easy to talk to and she is very understanding. Although she was an attorney I paid, she was much more than that to me. She gave me the feeling she tremendously cared about me , my son and the entire family situation. Courtney does not run a practice that is all about money, she will quote you a figure and go to work on that figure for you. I’ve heard of other law offices charge for each phone call, email, letter, any thing and you have a surprise bill of upwards of 16K. There are no surprises when you deal with Courtney, you know upfront what you owe and she goes to work for you. From my experience I can highly recommend Courtney from what she has done for me. Courtney is GREAT and only an email away” SITE SURVEY SUBMISSION

“I was referred to Courtney and family by a coworker who had recently used this office for her divorce. As a newly single mother, I was terrified to meet with a lawyer, appear in court, and work through legal and custody issues with my ex husband. She eased my mind from day one and has been an advocate for me since the day I met her. She explained all aspects of family court in detail so that I understood everything that was happening around me. Even after the divorce was final, I have had to return to her quite a few times and she always remembers me immediately. Her rates are always fair, and she understands the struggle of trying to afford a lawyer while fighting child support issues. Four years later, I still refer to her for legal advice and ongoing issues, and I feel like I am reaching out to a friend rather than a lawyer. I have met Bronson Howell in court as well and was very pleased with his support as well. I have recommended this office to 3 different friends, and no one has been disappointed.” SITE SURVEY SUBMISSION

“I recently hired Howell & Kidd after interviewing other law offices. From the moment I walked in and spoke with Courtney, I knew choosing Howell & Kidd was the right decision for me. Courtney explained the entire process, asked pertinent and pointed questions while showing genuine concern for me. She kept me informed on all developments and answered all my questions promptly. The entire experience was as quick and stress-free as possible, under the circumstances. I am extremely satisfied with the outcome as well as the service I receive. I will certainly use Howell & Kidd for any future representation I may need.” SITE SURVEY SUBMISSION

“Courtney was incredibly personable and very understanding of not just the law but also of how emotional and complicated divorce can be. She did an excellent job and stood by me through the entire process. Would highly recommend her to others.”